How Terrible...

I'm back, with a fresh bit of snark for you: Apparently, 1,300 acres of forest in California is on fire right now, and it has driven 3,500 people from their homes so far.

I don't mean to make light of or minimize anyone's suffering.  Let me say that up front.

That said: How terrible must the standard of living in the state of California be?  There are large sections of the state that regularly burst into flame, that burn wildly and unchecked.  This happens every year or so. And yet every time it happens, we hear news reports about how many homes were destroyed.  That means that people look at the historically combustible sections of the state, the land right on the brink of the Duraflame Forest, and say, "I'm going to willingly build my home right here, instead of anywhere else in this massive state!"  They look at the land that regularly bursts into flames, they look at the land everywhere else, and then they make a conscious decision that life will be better living right next to uncontrollable fire!  Are they afraid of marauding invaders?  Vikings?  Could it be that the thought of living next to nice beaches, fun ski slopes, or one of the most cinematic cities in the world (San Francisco) is just too depressing?

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