Why Am I Excited To Go Back To New York? Mobius Strip Bagels!

Well, I'm three days away from getting on a plane, taking a deep breath, and hoping that I make it back to New York when flying through Moscow. If I make it through Moscow's notoriously difficult airport system, though, I just may be ready to make the most exciting meal I can imagine: A freakin' Mobius strip bagel!A bagel, somehow cut into a Mobius Strip.

I don't know who on Earth thought about this long enough to figure out how to do it (or, for that matter, why they thought to do it in the first place), but it's probably end up being the best math to happen to breakfast until Domino comes out with sugar hypercubes.

(Thanks to Geekologie for catching this.)

Seriously, it's like having breakfast with Escher.

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