Best Thing Ever: Geocities-ize It!

GravyBoat, Geocitiesized Oh.  Dear.  Goodness.

Are you sick of every website you visit being clean and easy-to-read?  Do you long for a simpler, gaudier, tackier internet?  The internet you learned to love in the mid-1990s?

Well, friends, you need look no further than the Geocities-izer!  This brilliant device operates much like Google Translate, turning any modern website into something comforting, familiar and easy-to-handle for anyone who was frozen in 1995 and is just getting thawed out now.

The fact that this comes so soon after Yahoo decided to shut Geocities down is proof positive that the company still met a very real felt need for at least a small constituency.


(Thanks go to Gavin Wassung for pointing me toward this.)

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