New Project: Vision of the City

While it may or may not have come across to my ones of readers, GravyBoat has always felt a bit schizophrenic on the back end.  While I've liked the idea of having the blog cover everything I'm interested in, from the whimsical to the political to the theological, it hasn't often felt like things fit together the way I'd like them to.  In particular, the more political and theological topics I'm interested in have taken a back seat to more cultural and pop-cultural subjects. This has been percolating in the back of my mind for at least a year, when I thought about splitting the blog into sections on culture/pop culture, politics and faith.  Somewhere along the line, that turned into toying with the idea of spinning some of the subject matter I'd like to be covering on GravyBoat into a completely separate website.  There would be obvious disadvantages to spinning out into a separate blog (I've been so laughably bad about updating this one regularly, could I really handle two?), but the advantages were so enticing that I wasn't able to kick the idea (It would let me go into greater depth on some of the more heady issues I like thinking about without alienating people who just like to read about Lost or enjoy my snarky take on politics.).

Well, after thinking about it for a year, and doing some more serious planning about it for the past couple months, I went ahead and launched a new blog this afternoon: Vision of the City.  There, you can find my musings about the intersection of Christian faith and public life and hopefully join in the conversation.  This may not end up changing much about the what you see on GravyBoat and the way you read it, but having a dedicated outlet for a topic I'm so passionate about and find so fascinating is going to make a big difference to me on the back end of things.

I hope you'll visit it a few times in the coming weeks and months, as I really do think that it's going to be covering a topic that is both important and interesting to people regardless of their political or spiritual orientations, and I'm eager to start conversations with other people, whether they agree with me or not.

Thanks for sticking around.

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