The Ghosts of Russia Past

Segey Larenkov's photo of a Russian storeToxel recently posted some photo manipulations by Sergey Larenkov, who is matching photos of World War II-era Russia with his own shots circa 2010.  Daily life in Armenia is still largely shaped by the effects of the Soviet Union, and I've been told it's the same for many post-Soviet countries.  Despite the fact that these photos are really more about contemporary Russia and its wartime counterpart, I can't look at pictures like the one above without thinking about the way the Soviet Union still haunts Armenia like a ghost--and not always an unpleasant or unwelcome one. You can see more of Larenkov's incredibly evocative work at his LiveJournal site.  And if you know of anyone who has done anything like this for New York City, please let me know.

Another of Larenkov's photos.

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