Yes, I Got Hit By A Car And Abducted. Here's The Story.

If I can get personal for a moment, the past fifteen months have been intense.  They've been so intense that, amidst everything else that was going on, permanently moving to a different continent twice felt easy.  The year has left me with a lot of tragic, hilarious, frustrating, heart-breaking, edifying and beautiful stories. Smashed watermelons

But people never want to hear those ones.  Since I got back to the States, the only story people have wanted to hear is the story of how I got hit by a car and abducted by the Armenian mob.

Well, for those of you who haven't had a chance to hear it yet, I've written a guest post at TLB Adventures detailing the main points of the night.  As Douglas Adams once said, this won't necessarily set the record straight, but it will at least set it firmly crooked.

Thanks to Jon Levy at TLB Adventures for letting me tell the tale.

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