For Those of You In Massachusetts...

William Lashua

So, apparently a 90-year-old World War 2 vet in Ashburnham, MA, is looking for people with whom he can celebrate his birthday tomorrow, and some good Samaritan decided to circulate the flyer around the interwebs. Even 4chan has decided to take time off from mocking poorly raised 11-year-olds and their enabling parents to find his address and encourage people to send him birthday cards.

Well, if you're within driving distance of Ashburnham (not too far from Fitchburg or Gardner), why not take some time out of your afternoon to give the guy a high-five?  The Ashburnham American Legion's address is:

132 Williams Road Ashburnham, MA 01430

(Plus, if this works out well for him, blanket online invitations to the birthday parties of people who may not otherwise have that many people to celebrate with might become a thing.  And that could be kinda cool.)

Story found on FuckYeahTheUniverse.

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